Diamonds and Jewelry
Since 2005 New York based designer and musician, German Palacio a.k.a ULISESPAL, creates hand made jewelry with wooden diamonds, skull heads, spiders, crystal rhinestones, glitter and fluorescent colors. His work incorporates dark concepts and new technology.

Born in Buenos Aires and based in New York he is an electronic musician, video and multimedia artist with a free spirit and plenty of projects. One of these is his solo venture called Ulisespal, and its sound is warm with texture.
Synths / Circuit Bending 
I've been doing circuit bending for 9 years, it is a technique that incorporates creative customization of circuits in electronic devices like children's toys, synthesizers and other low voltage electronics. I am a big fan of avant garde and experimental music and I've always been fascinated with electronics in general.  It is interesting to poke them around and figure out how they work, so don't throw away your old calculators, computers or toasters because you could make them into musical instruments. 
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